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Healthy snack ideas for a nutritious work bag

when you take  healthy food or healthy snack ideas ,with you,  to work, you  should be careful that you’re taking a healthy delicious  meal.
And here are some tips to make it easy for you.

Bringing food with you to work is important for you, and especially for those who work for long periods of time. Not only to eat the kind of food you really like but also can help follow some diets that can help you save money and time, and also have a good health by doing so.

Joanne Blake, a researcher, a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association and assistant professor of clinical nutrition at Boston University, Says: "The benefits of healthy food are endless."

When you prepare your meals, you should choose healthy foods instead of buying unhealthy food such as: fatty burgers, fried potatoes, pizza, fast food ... etc.

The small amounts of food you take to work is the more beneficial than restaurant food. The amount of food you usually eat plays an important role because overeating, in addition to eating unhealthy foods, can put you at risk for many diseases.

There are other advantages as well. Blake says: "the meal which you take in your bag is definitely cheaper, if we consider the amount of money you will spend on going out for lunch every day."

"The cost of dining out has become five times the cost in the past, it's incredibly expensive," but the meal you take in your bag also makes it easy for you, it helps you save time.
Blake adds: "By lunch time, you go to order food from the restaurant, then come back to the office to eat," "You've wasted much time of work."

Leftovers and other easy options

Blake loves to cook more food for dinner and then wrap the leftovers to be eaten as lunch the next day.

She adds, it does not have to be exactly the same meal. You can cut up the remains of grilled chicken and roasted vegetables and add them to the salad.

Or you can use chicken and vegetables in a sandwich or a loaf of whole grain bread or put them all in a loaf of wheat bread.

She advises: "When making dinner," "Make the amount of vegetables, twice or thrice the normal amount so that you have leftovers for a healthy lunch the next day. "

Lunch should contain some whole grains and some protein - protein only makes you feel full .

She also adds: "As the meal should contain a little fat, because fat makes the food remains in the stomach longer, as it gives you a feeling of satiety."

Blake advises: people barely eat enough fruits and vegetables, which we must add to the lunch bag.

She says: "If they were not part of the lunch," "You can cut up carrots and celery sticks and put them in the bag as a healthy snack ideas."

You can also add low-fat cheese to a small dish of fruit instead of eating salted biscuits.
In winter, the bean soup is one of the favorite healthy food for Blake, which are made at home in the weekend.

She says, "making the soup is not as difficult as people think," "You can make a bean soup with a can of diced tomatoes, or a can of mixed vegetables or a bag of frozen vegetables, and a couple cans of beans, and a low-sodium chicken broth.

Add to your lunch a small part of a whole-grain roll, and a piece of low-fat cheese, and some fruit, so you have a quick, inexpensive and nutritious, full of rich food lunch "
Blake says: "yogurt also can be an important part of any lunch,", "a cup of yogurt is not a meal by itself - you'll feel very hungry shortly after. But yogurt is an important addition for lunch at work. "

You can add some whole grains or starchy grains (Kalshovan) or fresh fruit to yogurt, and it will be a healthy addition to your meal.

Also, low-fat yogurt is added in some dairy products, and that should be, basically, incorporated into your diet.

Tips for traveling meals.

Here are some more suggestions on preparing meal bag:

1 - Be prepared

Prepare your lunch the night before and put it in the refrigerator. In the morning before going to work, all you have to do is take the meal out of the fridge.

2 - Preparing the meal in the workplace

Keep bread in a bowl and the rest of the meal in a separate bowl until lunch time. In this way bread becomes moist. If you like to add some tomato to the sandwich, you should  cut it into slices and keep them in a separate bowl. Then add them to the sandwich just before eating.

3 - Making a hot meal

If you have a microwave in the office, put lunch, to be heated, in the microwave. Blake says: "There is now a reusable plastic container to save food, which does not react with the heat."

4 - Making your meal assorted.

You will get bored by eating the same food every day. So, you should make some changes: make dish of salad on one day, and soup and sandwich on the other day - and do not forget the remnants of the previous day food. see 100 Healthy Snack Ideas - Fresh Food for more ideas

Dinner menus usually change from day to day, you can use the remnants of dinner a few times a week as an easy way easy to make various lunches to be eaten at work.

It does not require a lot of effort to prepare a healthy lunch to be eaten at work, it has many benefits, including saving time and having a healthy nutritious lunch. And I am sure that the meal, you take with you to work, is your favorite.

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