Thursday, March 27, 2014

healthy snacks for toddlers

To get the energy and nutrients that will satisfy the needs of their organism ( and curiosity !) Growing, toddlers should eat three meals and two to three healthy snacks per day , the most important being breakfast .

Breakfast in the morning? This is important!

Breakfast gives the body the lost during a full night fasting energy, hence the term "lunch».
The schools regularly have lunch if in the habit of doing when he was younger. It will adopt this habit more easily if it is rooted in the customs of the house.
A good breakfast includes food from at least three of the four food groups. Here are some examples of healthy breakfast:

-          Banana
-          Creamy peanut butter on whole grain bread
-          Glass of milk
-          Orange
-          hot cereal
-          Cheese cubes

Healthy snacks for toddlers ... in need

Children are active and growing. This is why they need a lot of energy! With their small stomachs, they are quickly filled. They are forced to eat more frequently than adults - about every two or three hours.  Snacks are like “mini- meals” that give them extra energy and nutrients they need.

Snacks do not replace meals

Remember that snacks complement but do not replace meals. Foods containing fewer nutrients, such as chips and soft drinks should be limited to special occasions. In addition to the attention that is brought to the composition and variety of snacks, they are also planning within a regular schedule, so that the snack is halfway between meals. Note that the collation of the afternoon is particularly important, since it literally allows the child to hold until dinner.

 Think variety

 Who says a variety of foods also said variety of nutrients? When you prepare a snack, so be sure to choose different foods. Offering a different snack each day, there is less risk that sugary foods and sticky back too often on the menu, which may cause tooth decay.

Some examples of foods to preferred

A healthy snack should include foods from two different food groups: cheese and hummus farm whole grain crackers, banana and milk, and pita bread, etc. .

According to several studies, vegetables, fruit and dairy foods are consumed less, then this is a good reason to favor the snack time!

The hard cheese is one of the best foods to prevent the formation of cavities. We especially benefit from eating immediately after a meal or snack and chew well.